"Wow! What an awesome experience at the first Nation Wide Blitz in history! I personally saw over 60,000 salvations at the crusade in Port Gentil. Combining the crusade and the souls added on the streets during the personal soul-winning, over 70,096 people received Christ in the city and province. Tremendous miracles happened each night and thousands were baptized in the Holy Spirit. It is great to work with Eric and the other evangelists who have been chosen because they are humble and understand the concept of teamwork."

Evangelist Adam Smith
Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA


"Eric, What a blessing it was to be a part of a team that shook the nation of Gabon. Eric, your leadership was inspirational to motivate a team of Evangelists to reach approximately 432,000 souls. The city of Oyem. willl never be the same after this crusade. The unity and teamwork modeled in Gabon will be reproduced to win other nations.Thanks for including me to be a part of this historical event".

Evangelist Patrick Veach
Saltillo, Mexico


"Awesome! It is an honor and blessing to be your associate and also a part of the first nationwide blitz in history, when you shared the vision with me first, I was like WOW! That will be great. When all the wheels of the combine harvesters began turning prior to the crusades, then I realize for the first time that, indeed, a “Nation can be born in a moment”. With your battle cry, 9 provinces, 9 crusades, 9 Evangelists, 1 nation, 1 day, 1 moment for ONE GOD, the Lord Jesus Christ, this battle cry mobilized the churches into action. The unity was glorious, the Churches, the Evangelists, I mean the entire team, experienced what Psalm 133 described “behold how good and pleasant it is for brothers to dwell together in unity”. I feel blessed with the opportunity to work side by side with an experienced and anointed Evangelist like you. Nothing misses you, the slightest detail, I sometimes ask myself, does he really sleep, late and very early calls to check on details and coordinate the whole harvest. Indeed, I was thrilled.

Today am happy and blessed to be a part of a team that reached almost half a million people for Jesus. Miracles and countless numbers, to God be the glory. The last night of the crusade was so awesome that, when you started preaching on the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, there were already manifestations of the demon-possessed because of the Presence of the Holy Spirit.

I saw with my own eyes approximately 75,000 people attend on the last night and the beauty of it is to see the hands that were raised, waving, beautiful palms to the Lord and the souls that were saved in receiving Jesus Christ as Saviour and were then baptized from on high with the Holy Spirit and fire.

The Bible instructs us to give honor, to whom it is due, I respect your leadership, your dedication, your integrity and love for the lost, as I always say to the team, if you give this man a billion dollars, hell will know and testify that a man has been raised to depopulate it."

Love and Blessings
Evangelist Charlie Strasser


"Rejoicing over Gabon Africa. Over 2 decades of walking with Evangelist Eric Cowley brought me to the fields of Gabon Africa that were “white for harvest” and the Miracle Mass Crusade in Lamberene. I had the privilege to be one of the nine evangelist that gathered around Eric’s life long vision and passion to “blitz” a nation for the Kingdom of God. Only Heaven knows the exact number of beautiful African people that joined the ranks of believing Christians everywhere, we have a conservative count of 431,822 of souls saved. In the crusade I spoke in, Lambarene, Gabon, more than the whole population of the whole city attended in a single service, again and again as the people came from all over the province. Thank you Eric for your vision, your faithfulness to truth, your integrity in all that you do and your boldness to see God shake a nation with the Gospel of Christ.I salute all of the other evangelist for their great spirit of unity and all the team members that made this miracle possible".

Evangelist George Watkins,
Mt Vernon, Wash. USA


"Eric, I just wanted to take a moment and reflect upon the goodness of God as you, I and seven other evangelists were privileged to be used, by the Lord, in an epic outreach for His Glory and the advancement of the Kingdom of God. I was honored to be a part of the Gabon Nation Wide Blitz in December 2012 and to be able to lead the Crusade in Tchibanga Gabon, where literally thousands of people came to faith in Jesus Christ. What is even more exciting, is that through the combined effort of 9 evangelists, leading 9 Crusades, in 9 different cities, that over 431,000 people gave their lives to Jesus Christ! Eric, I saw the Lord touch and heal people of various diseases and then, when I led the people to receive the Baptism in the Holy Spirit on that final night, there was a gigantic wave of breakthrough. The demonized began to manifest as they were set free by the power of God and a roar went up on the field, as people received their mighty baptism in the Holy Spirit, which was evidenced by speaking in other tongues. Eric, you and I are friends, who have chosen to partner and do some crusades together and I am looking forward to the More that God will do in the years ahead!"

Your Friend & Fellow Evangelist,
John M Torres
Eugene, Oregon, USA


"Eric, just wanted to send a thank you once again for letting me be apart of this history making event. I so much enjoyed being able to put the stage,sound and lighting together,still wish the Stadium Manager would had allowed us to put light poles in the middle of his soccer stadium but it still worked around the perimeter. Then when you asked me to do the daily check,with another team member, with the other eight crusade directors, seeing the numbers of people attending and being saved, wow, over 20,000 people received Christ before the crusade happened!!! Then when you asked me to be on or around the platform each night a take videos, not to worry where I stand and then to walk among that massive amount of people in attendance.... Eric approximately 75000 people came on the last night, I cant describe how it made me feel, thank you for that. Also, what we have known each other for over 2 decades and to know all this time of God's vision in you to do a nation wide blitz. After watching you all these years when most men would have walked away, discouraged, I saw you push through, standing on God's word, walking upright with integrity. I just praise God for it all coming together,not always easy, but you pushed through. All that to say thank you, again, for asking me to be apart of all this. May God's blessings be on & upon you."

Pastor Danny O'Neill
Mt. Vernon, Wa., USA

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