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The Lord gave to Eric Cowley a vision in his heart over 36 years ago of seeing whole nations shaken in A DAY! The vision is called, “The Global Focus International Vision and Strategy of Seeing Nation’s Shaken In A Day”. The vision is where mass evangelists would unite together to reach every major city with simultaneous campaigns happening ALL at the same time, during the same week, the same day, in a nation so that a Nation is shaken in a Day! God gave to Eric along with the vision, the slogan - “Can A Nation Be Saved In A Day?® And Eric replied “Yes”. And even IF a nation wasn’t saved in a day, through this God given vision and strategy God gave to Eric almost 3 decades ago, one thing we do know is MASS MULTITUDES OF LOST SOULS WILL BE SWEPT INTO THE KINGDOM OF GOD RAPIDLY AND THE CHURCH IN THAT NATION WILL INCREASE IN A GREATER WAY FOR THE GLORY OF JESUS CHRIST!

Eric has seeded this vision throughout the world through mass television broadcasts which would broadcast to hundreds of thousands of people or up to hundreds of millions of people at one time. Or seeding has happened, through mass written publication through the printed word or electronic mail, through DVD’s and meeting after meeting after meeting as Eric and his team have travelled to the nations. This vision was seeded and launched into the nations January 2005 and many years later and after much incredibly arduous hard work and years of labor in meeting with so very many pastors calling them to unite together with Eric & his team to reach their cities in their nation. Now Eric Cowley and Global Focus International have received nation wide blitz invitations from the 3 nations in Africa. As well as there is news in Latin America that we will reveal publicly when the Lord gives us the release. From the time of the launching of “Can A Nation Be Saved In A Day®” Eric has travelled hundreds of thousands of miles to prepare the way and set the stage for the nation wide blitzes in nation after nation. Once the first nation wide blitz is done, a model has been set and from there many other nations, one after another after another will be shaken in different regions of the world. Eric has also shared the vision to many seasoned evangelists as he has crisscrossed the globe so many times travelling to nation after nation and seasoned evangelists have gathered together in unity with Eric to see nations shaken. Eric has also talked with and met with many Christian leaders in the world who want Eric & his team with Global Focus International to come to their nation also from Africa, Central & South America, the Caribbean, Islands of the Sea, Europe and Asia, desiring to see their nation shaken for Jesus. Evangelists, Pastors, Business leaders and Christian leaders all uniting to see a whole nation shaken and Jesus glorified.

Here is a personal note from Eric & Gillian Cowley:

Eric wants to also thank top key Christian leaders for helping with the creation of the printed publications such as Tamara Lowe and for the ongoing encouragement he has received from Rev’s Peter & Tamara Lowe, Dr. Rodney Howard-Browne, Dr. Reinhard Bonnke, Dr. Ntumyi, Brother Andrew, Dr. T.L. Osborn, Rev. Colin Urquhart, Rev. Hugh Osgood, Rev. Kumuyi and many other key Christian leaders in the world.

Eric & Gillian Cowley

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