First Nation Wide Blitz in Christian History

“First Nation Wide Blitz® in Christian History, Gabon, Central Africa. on 12/12/12 this event began. Today it is 12/12/14 and I wanted to share this on this anniversary. ONLY Jesus Christ could have done this Nation Wide Blitz® and Gillian & I honor Him. Thankful for the evangelists and all team that helped put this together, over 35 nations represented and we honor them. Thankful for the church in Gabon, we honor them. Almost 432,000 souls saved. First Time in Christian History for a Nation Wide Blitz®. First Time in Christian History that mass evangelists united together to see a nation shaken. First Time in Christian History to our understanding that the body of Christ in a whole nation united together since the early church to reach their nation. Again ONLY JESUS CHRIST could have done this”


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