Eric & Gillian Cowley

Eric and Gillian CowleyEvangelist Eric Cowley is the founder & president of Global Focus International, with offices in the USA, Canada & England. Eric & Gillian have been married for 27 years and they have a beautiful daughter name Jessica. Eric attended Bible College in Kent, Washington and graduated and was licensed in 1983 and was ordained in 1985. In May, 2012 both Eric & Gillian received doctorate degrees from the River Bible Institute in Tampa, Florida. Eric is in his 30th year of ministry and Gillian her 27th year. Eric has traveled to 59 nations as an Ambassador of the Highest Kingdom, speaking to the masses and meeting with President’s & Prime Ministers of many nations.

In the honoring of Jesus Christ alone, by God’s grace, Eric has reached millions of people face to face in Gospel events and has ministered to hundreds of millions of people by television again and again in television appearances all over the world.

Eric’s cry is to lift Jesus Christ to the world as the ONLY answer and to unite the evangelists for a massive global harvest in true unity that can only be based on honesty, integrity, hunger and humility.

Adam Smith

Adam Smith PreachingAfter Adam Smith received Jesus as his personal Lord and Saviour, God called him to take the Gospel to the nations of the world. A passion for the lost was birthed in Adam and he attended the River Bible Institute (RBI) in Tampa, Florida, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in Theology. He has earned a Masters in Theology and is pursuing his Doctorate in Theology from Life Christian University. He also has a BA in Business from the University of Oklahoma. Adam and his wife, Patricia, met at RBI where she also received her Bachelor in Theology. Immediately after finishing RBI, Adam and Patricia travelled to Brazil to hold their first Festival. Since then, they have held over 30 Festivals across Brazil, parts of Africa, and now America. In addition to these events, they teach in Bible Schools, churches, and conferences. In 2010, they also planted a church in Natal, Brazil and turned it over to the national pastors. They preach Jesus as unchanging, and thousands of souls are being swept from the kingdom of darkness into the Kingdom of God and their lives are changed forever. Many people are healed and miracles are performed by the touch of Almighty God.

Patrick Veach

Patrick VeachPatrick Veach was born again at a young age and called into the ministry. After attending Bible School he was invited to start missionary work in Mexico. He then worked with Mexican Frontier Missions on the border of Texas for two years. Afterwards he moved to the interior of Mexico to plant churches. Patrick would start a church, raise it up and hand it over to national leadership and repeat this again and again.

Patrick has planted 6 churches in Mexico, a true Apostolic evangelist gifting in operation. He has preached the Gospel in mass crusades, conferences, leadership seminars, in villages, towns and cities in Mexico, Central America, the Phillippines, India and Cuba. He is currently living in Saltillo, Mexico where he ministers on a radio program, pastors a church and is director of several extensions for Dayspring Christian University. He holds a Bachelors degree in theology and a Masters degree in Family Counseling and has been in the ministry for 37 years

Inge Roysland

Inge Roysland having TeaEvangelist Inge Roysland is from Norway where he lives with his wife Eva and four children, Sarah, Olav, Eivind and Maria. Inge grew up as the son of a grocery store owner and has worked in his father’s grocery until he was 27 years old. Feeling the calling of God Inge attended Bible College and worked faithfully in church. Inge’s cry was for the lost to be saved and new churches planted, so by the Lord’s leading, he launched into the ministry and has been preaching to the masses in mass crusades in many nations in Africa & Asia and outreach into Europe. Inge leads the ministry called “Heaven Partner” or called "Himmelpartner” in Norway. Many have heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ through Inge’s ministry with thousands being saved, healed and baptized in The Holy Spirit. Inge has seen 37 new churches planted and his ministry is reaching into the unreached tribes in northern part of Kenya and is now running 3 schools in this area.

Evangelist Inge Roysland vision is to reach the lost and the unreached with the gospel and to co-operate with local churches and to plant new churches in unreached areas. To fulfill the great commission before Jesus Christ returns.

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