Evangelist Eric Cowley & Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke

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Dear: Brother’s & Sisters in the Harvest Fields of the World. You will want to read this from the start to the finish to have full understanding. We spent time Per the invite of Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke, Gillian, my wife & I, flew to be with him & his wife Anne during a couple of days in mid-May, 2014. We spent time together, talking, fellowshipping and enjoying each other’s company.  Read the letter here!


God gave this vision and strategy to Evangelist Eric Cowley over 36 years ago in uniting the mass evangelists to work together and for body of Christ to work together with the mass evangelists, Acts chapter 8:5-8 &14, to see whole nations shaken one after another and in which Eric Cowley calls it, “The Nation Wide Blitz®” or “Can A Nation Be Saved In A Day®” or One Nation One Day One Moment ®.

We have copied NO man and nor have we copyrighted any other man’s vision, strategy, materials, statements, slogans or trademarks. We are the ORIGINAL with over 36 years of mass documentation, multitudes of witnesses and solid evidence to show this.

It is a New Day and a New Hour for World Evangelism!

In this New Day & New Hour of World Evangelism, not only is God going to cause the reaping of the harvest of lost souls come to a New Level and accelerate that reaping of harvest of lost souls, there is ALSO going to be a call for TRUE UNITY! True unity can only be based on integrity, honesty, hunger and humility. In this true unity the Lord is going to separate those who want to exalt themselves or truly exalt God. In the bible we see that King Saul was only interested in exalting and building monuments to himself but God rejected King Saul. God choose David as David had a heart after God and truly building God’s Kingdom. David had a pure heart and walked right before God and so God used David to shake nations and to build His Kingdom. God drew to David, mighty men who also wanted “change and wanted to build the Kingdom of God and walk in true unity”.

In this New Day & New Hour of World Evangelism, God is calling for those with a pure heart to come together and walk to together to exalt Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God.

At the same time, God is going to “expose the spirit of Saul”, those who talk the talk but who don’t walk the walk, who take what isn’t theirs to take, so as to exalt themselves for money and fame, thinking they can get away with it, that no one will know or find out or stop them in what they are doing. In this New Day & New Hour, it is also a day of Exposure, for God is going to expose for the sake of His Son, Jesus Christ. As God, the Father wants to glorify and exalt, Jesus Christ to the world, through true unity, based on John 17:23. God, the Father wants the world to see a difference between the real and the counterfeit and between the talk and the walk. God will expose the spirit of Saul or religion or what Jesus Christ chased out of the temple, the money changers, the Pharisees & Sadducees who wanted fame, to make money through religion, so as to control and sit in the high places, which has hindered multitudes of lost souls to come to God for generations and generations. God shall use in this final hour, those who have the spirit of David which is about lifting Christ Jesus to the world with a pure heart, wanting to exalt only Jesus Christ, the ONLY Savior of the world.

Eric Cowley has been given a mandate by the Lord to unite the evangelist’s all over the world, in “True Unity”.

Eric Cowley says to the evangelists of the world, “Let’s Unite, for the cause of Jesus Christ and lift Jesus Christ to the world”. “Jesus said, “IF they are ONE then the world will know the Father has sent me”. To be ONE can only based on true unity, integrity, honesty, hunger & humility.

May Jesus Christ be lifted up and ONLY Jesus Christ to the world, the ONLY answer.

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