First Nation Wide Blitz® in Christian History

First Nation Wide Blitz® in Christian History” was held in Gabon, Central Africa. on 12/12/12. ONLY Jesus Christ could have done this Nation Wide Blitz and Gillian & I honor Him. Thankful for the evangelists and all team that helped put this together, over 35 nations represented and we honor them. Thankful for the church in Gabon, we honor them. Almost 432,000 souls saved. First Time in Christian History for a Nation Wide Blitz. First Time in Christian History that mass evangelists united together to see a nation shaken. First Time in Christian History to our understanding that the body of Christ in a whole nation united together since the early church to reach their nation. Again ONLY JESUS CHRIST could have done this." The Second Nation Wide Blitz® in Christian History has also taken place in a very small island nation of Sao Tome & Principe, Central Africa on September 14th – 21st, 2014 and now today over 450,000 souls have been saved through the two events combined.

The Lord gave this vision and strategy to Evangelist Eric Cowley over 36 years ago in uniting the mass evangelists to work together and for body of Christ to work together with the mass evangelists, Acts chapter 8:5-8 &14, to see whole nations shaken one after another and in which Eric Cowley calls it, “The Nation Wide Blitz”® or “Can A Nation Be Saved In A Day”® or “One Nation, One Day, One Moment”®.  Please scroll down and see the pictures of the Gabon, Nation Wide Blitz® and the vision of seeing whole nations shaken. Stayed tuned for a major announcement to come!

Libreville, Gabon Campaign

Port Gentil, Gabon Campaign

Lambarene, Gabon Campaign

Tchibanga, Gabon Crusade

Mouila, Gabon Campaign

Franceville, Gabon Campaign

Koula Moutou, Gabon Campaign

Makokou, Gabon Campaign

Oyem, Gabon Campaign

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Nation Wide Blitz®

Can a Nation Be Saved In A Day® for a Nation Wide Blitz® and Evangelist Eric Cowley’s reply is “YES”.

For The First Time in Christian History Mass Evangelists have UNITED TOGETHER to see a whole Nation literally Blitzed in ONE DAY with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and that nation was Gabon, Central Africa and now the next nation is the nation of Sao Tome & Principe, Central Africa, September 14th – 21st, 2014 and this is ONLY the beginning, more nations will be announced soon. See evangelist list for the event.

Mass Combine Harvesters Working Together in Unison

Please note when you look at this picture these things.

  • There are 25 Mass Combine Harvesters or Mass Evangelists. The 25 Mass Combine Harvesters are ONE and the ONE are 25.
  • There is one who leads at the point fixed on the goal but they will ALL finish equally. They work in unison and no matter what their positioning is in the line up, they will ALL reap the same results.
  • You can REAP FASTER, QUICKER AND MORE EFFECIENTLY. WHOLE FIELDS CAN BE REAPED RAPIDLY! By working together in unison, you gain synergy.
  • Where it may have taken one evangelist or church a whole life time to reach just one nation, now it can be done in an incredibly LOT LESS TIME!

Jesus Christ said in John 17:23, “If they are ONE then the world will know that the Father has sent me.”

The Lord gave this vision to Evangelist Eric Cowley over 36 years ago and now it is manifesting on the earth. There will be 9 mass evangelists working together in Gabon, Central Africa BUT this is just the beginning of a GREAT WORK to be ACCOMPLISHED by GOD’S GRACE AND POWER as nation after nation after nation is lined up for a massive reaping of lost souls and building God’s church on the earth!

Can A Nation Be Saved In A Day? YES! ®

  • Mass Evangelism
  • Strengthening National Leaders
  • Christian book distribution
  • Helping Orphans
  • Youth Rallies
  • Empowering National Churches
  • Revival to Church/Body of Christ In A Nation
  • Business Leaders Teaching/Impartation/Evangelism
  • Humanitarian Relief
  • Reaching Government Leaders
  • Children Outreach
  • Tens of thousands of Short Term Missionaries
  • Television/Media Broadcast to the World
  • Planting of Many New Churches
  • Evangelists & Apostles Coordinating Together To See Whole Nations Saved & Discipled
  • 5 Fold Ministry In Operation Together

For the First Time IN Christian History we have the ability and technology to reach an entire in a Single Day with the Good News of Jesus Christ!

Global Focus International has assembled the world’s leading evangelists to blitz one nation in a single day, in one day! Every major city and villages in the entire nation will hear the gospel through live outdoor evangelistic meetings, youth outreach, children’s meetings, radio, TV, Internet, print materials and business and government leaders outreaches…ALL IN ONE DAY!

JUST IMAGINE…IN ONE DAY A NATION COULD BECOME BORN AGAIN! The masses from hundreds of thousands to millions will hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ from nation to nation to nation and come to faith in Christ! National churches and church leaders will be strengthened and encouraged. Hundreds of thousands to millions of Christian books will be distributed from nation to nation to nation! At the same time there will be humanitarian relief, food, clothing, educational materials, helping orphans and schools for rural areas by mobilizing the resources of many different Christian & NGO Organizations.

This God breathed vision & strategy is a rock-solid strategy for global evangelization that God gave to Evangelist Eric Cowley over 36 years ago and is NOW MANIFESTING TO THE WORLD. Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke said to Eric Cowley, “This vision & strategy God gave to you Eric, will cause the reaping of harvest of lost souls to come to a whole new level on this earth and it will accelerate it”.

And this is what will take place in a nation as the body of Christ unites together behind these mass combine harvesters.

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